A good Day starts with a good Breakfast

all you need

We don´t offer a huge breakfast buffet with a lot of things that make a buffet only

unnecessarily expensive. Our idea – basic breakfast with all essentials – for a fair price.

You will find all you need on our breakfast buffet.

A variation of bread and rolls, several sausages and cheeses, 5 different types of jam,

egg or poultry salad, fresh fruit or fruit salad, yoghurt, cereals, cornflakes – freshly filtered

coffee, tea in many varieties, different juices. Only 7,00 EURO for our hotel guests.

Other guests pay 10,00 EURO.

If all this is not enough for you, you can upgrade your breakfast! For example:

  • Coffee specialities (coffee creme, milk coffee, cappuccino, espresso) 1,00 €
  • Eggs in different variations (scrambled / fried / omelette) 2,50 €
  • Smoothies (by daily offer) 0,2l | 2,00 €
  • ACTIMEL 1,00 €
  • Fresh smoked salmon with horseradish (portion about 80 grams) 2,00 €
  • Prosecco or sparkling wine (Piccolo) 4,00 €

and many more.

Everyone can choose his own personal breakfast and determine the price.

Sounds fair?

So that we can prepare well – book your basic breakfast simply online at the same time.